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Laura Brugier - 

I am Laura Brugier, a funny, curious, overmotivated, 31 year old videographer and animator.

My education background has been oriented on concrete and practical skills. Having been passionate about video editing since I was 12, I first obtained an Associate degree in video editing and post-production. I then pursued a Bachelor and a Masters degree in 2D animation and motion graphics design. I chose to do my second year of masters at the University of Montreal which offered courses oriented towards new technology (transmedia / interactive media).

These five years allowed me to solidify my knowledge in video post production as well as graphics design.

Year after year my fields of expertise have broadened, making me more efficient and self sufficient in my work.

Alongside, I have taken part in several non-academic projects as a technician (editing, special effects or compositing) and as director of several short films. 

These experiences allowed me to develop a strong self-sufficiency. I have learnt to adapt and put things into perspective, even in difficult situations, improving my capacity to work in groups, to understand the point of view of others. My different experiences as live assistant director at the Chaillot National theatre helped me solidify my project managment skills, my ability to work in stressful contexts, and confronted me with team management, which I now consider one of my strenghs.

Furthermore, I have had the chance to live abroad most of my life. From growing up in China, to graduating from high school in Egypt, to graduating from college in Canada and then going on a year long adventure aroud the world . These enriching experiences enabled me not only to gain in open-mindedness and linguistic skills, but also to learn to adapt and work in multicultural environments. 




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